Gary Hurst

Gary Hurst

How/Where have you ministered in the past?

Youth Leader at Green Terrace Mennonite

About you:

Where were you born? Ephrata, Pa

What has shaped your worldview? My worldview was shaped largely by my parents and my church family as I was growing up. My parents have been a huge support and blessing in my life as I always knew they were there to pray or talk through anything I was experiencing. God continues to develop my vision of who He is through the working of the Holy Spirit in my life.

When were you married? August 7, 2004

What brought you to BCF? The calling of God. We did not know anybody from the congregation before we first visited but we felt the presence of the Holy Spirit and the calling of God to join the church family.

What are your passions? My passion is to see disciples of Christ born and maturing in the church body. I love to see a community of grace where we call each other up to walk our new identities in Christ. I desire to see men be authentic with each other because of the knowledge that we are all in need of His grace.

Fun Facts:

How many children do you have and what are their names? Taylor, Dylan, Aidan, & Carter

Hobbies: Golf and Basketball

Pets: Ally/ Golden Doodle

Interesting Facts: I like pizza

If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go? India

Favorite Bible verse: Psalm 16:11 “He makes know to us the paths of life, in His presence is fullness of joy, at His right hand are pleasures forevermore.”

Favorite Book(s): “Who I am in Christ” Neil T Anderson; “Surfing For God” Michael Cusiak

Dream or Goal: To see my children walking in the fullness of Christ!

Associate & Youth Pastor (on sabbatical)
Ron Yoder
Senior Pastor
Leroy Miller